In Need of Payroll Services in Atlanta, GA?

In Need of Payroll Services in Atlanta, GA?

Work with a dedicated accountant at Fishman & Company PC

Confused by (or worried about) payroll tax obligations? Don't worry!

One of the most critical functions of any business, paying employees, requires payment of payroll tax obligations - sometimes a very confusing process. Payroll tax mistakes or missed deposits and filing deadlines can lead to daunting tax notices, interest and penalties.

Why carry the burden of your payroll tax obligations? We prepare payrolls for any number of employees for fees that are reasonably competitive with companies focusing on payroll preparation. Plus, we typically offer you more flexibility and enhanced personal service.

Our tailored services will suit your needs. Perhaps you only want payroll checks prepared, ready for distribution. Or maybe you want help with payment and filing of payroll tax obligations. If so, after the checks are prepared, we can collect tax payments from you, distribute the payments and file returns when due.

The reward? You're confident that payroll processes and various tax obligations are in order. Instead of dealing with obligations, you can focus on business opportunities.

  • Payroll checks preparation
  • Make payroll tax deposits
  • Prepare payroll returns
  • Prepare W-2s
Let us formulate the personalized payroll services you need today in Atlanta, GA. Please contact us today via email or call 404-550-5979.