Can't Pay Back Your IRS Debts in Full? You Have Options.

Can't Pay Back Your IRS Debts in Full? You Have Options.

Ask our accountant in Atlanta, GA to file an offer in compromise

An offer in compromise lets taxpayers settle their IRS debts for less than the full amount. If you can't afford to pay back your tax debts, an offer in compromise could give you the tax relief you need. An accountant at Fishman & Company PC Inc can tell you if you qualify.

Our firm provides a wide range of accounting services to individuals and business owners in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about applying for an offer in compromise.

Read the answers to your tax relief questions

Before you file an offer in compromise, do your research to make sure it’s your best option. Reading this FAQ is a good place to start:

  • Who can apply for an offer in compromise? You might qualify if you’ve filed all your tax returns, made estimated tax payments for the current year and are not currently in an open bankruptcy proceeding.
  • How much will you owe if your offer in compromise is approved? It depends on several factors, including your income and expenses. An accountant at Fishman & Company PC can help with negotiations.
  • Will filing an offer in compromise stop the IRS from calling you? Temporarily, yes. While the IRS is considering your application, collection activities should stop.

Fishman & Company PC can provide additional information about filing an offer in compromise. Contact our Atlanta, GA accounting firm today.