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Computer Consulting

Computer Consulting

Need accounting hardware and software consulting services? Don't worry!

Perhaps, like most business people, you're not a computer and accounting software expert. Maybe you've heard about the expensive and time-consuming mistakes that occurred when someone tried to implement a computer accounting system personally.

A moderate investment in accounting hardware and software consulting services to ensure a proper system setup on the front end can — in the end — save you not only time and money, but also anxiety and frustration. We at Fishman & Company, P.C. have years of experience with both hardware and accounting software.

As consultants, we don't make a profit on hardware or software recommendations or sales. Therefore, we exercise great product independence in helping you make wise and informed system choices. When you're ready to successfully implement your choice, we earn our fees by providing our time and expertise.

The value? You efficiently setup the right computerized system for effective business information processing — without wasted time and money.

If you're ready to explore a productive accounting system, contact us today via email or call (404) 252-3773.